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Binghamton University's Start-Up Suite provides low-cost space and business support services to spin-off enterprises with roots in faculty research. The suites are located in the Biotechnology Building, Engineering & Science building, and The Center of Excellence at the Innovative Technologies Complex.

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SUNY Innovation Showcase 2-12-15 am session from SUNY Global Center on Vimeo.

SUNY Innovation Showcase 2-12-15 pm session from SUNY Global Center on Vimeo.

Our Start-Up Suite Companies

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Advanced Material Analytics LLC

Advanced Material Analytics LLC (AMA) is a research and manufacturing firm, focused in developing scientific analytical equipment, that are used for testing "materials/products" for characteristic properties like porosity, pore-size measurement, permeability, air flow resistance for acoustic materials, water vapor transmission rate and similar characteristic properties.  To understand the performance of any material, the knowledge of structure & characteristics of pores of the material is crucial.  AMA is continuously improving its accuracy & reproducability to provide cutting edge testing equipment.  We offer a wide range of products and technologies to test materials with testing conditions as close as the real-life application.  From multiple test capabilities for high production facilities, to 3 dimenstional test capability, to integrating complex statistical analytics tools, our innovative and unique solutions have been assisting industry to solve their existing & upcoming challenges.  When investing in AMA's measurement products and solutions, you are receiving the best technology, reliability, and service in the business.

Contact: Swasti Dey







Charge CCCV LLC is specializing in technology development and commercialization of next generation energy storage solutions.  We address the need for total system optimizatin of the materials used for next generation energy storage (cathod, anode, electrolyte and separators materials).  The company seeks to discover and patent these refinements by applying material science research and then license the knowledge to the supply chain for production of lithium ion batteries.

Contact: Shailesh Upreti







ChromaNanoTech is a start-up company in the Binghamton University incubator manufacturing nanomaterials for various optical technology applications. It is a partnership of five co-inventors of a patent-pending invention filing for new a nano-material which enhances the properties and durability of synthetic dyes active in the ultraviolet, visible and near infrared spectrum for use in a wide variety of product applications. Early product focus is on optical shields and passive solar technology. The company was founded in April 2014 as part of the establishment of the StartUp New York technology incubator program at Binghamton University.  The company is currently focused on scale up of manufacturing capability with initial product shipments targeted for 2015.  ChromaNanoTech has a start-up suite in the Center for Excellence at Binghamton University and is looking to establish its manufacturing facility in wet space in the incubator in October 2014.  The business plan of the company is to initially finance start-up costs through state and federal government grants and has won some small initial funding, but is also actively talking to potential investors.

Contact: William E. Bernier





ClickCare LLC

ClickCare LLC was started in upstate New York, and its service is now used throughout the US and the world by healthcare organizations and healthcare providers of all kinds.   ClickCare LLC is a SAAS "Software as a Service" company whose core product is iClickCare, which enables healthcare providers to securely use digital media for secure collaboration.  The digitial media can include conversation, PDFs, photographs, and video clips as the basis for secure asynchronous communications with the users' natural network of colleagues on behalf of the patient.  This internet based software can br run on any platform simultaneously, desktop, iPad, or iPhone with automatic upgrades and unlimited scaleability.  The collaborations are archived for education and search, and the functionality may include patient participation and progressive comparisons.  more than telemedicine, it empowers provider workflow.

Contact: Cheryl Kerr






Flexsurface will use roll-to-roll printing and nanomanufacturing processes to make low-cost flexible battteries with high energy densities.  This tecnology development is driven by two related market trends, the energy storage market, dominated currently by lithium batteries but calling for lower price and high energy density, and the printable electronics market caling for multifunctional, flexible, and portable devices such as thin film and flexible batteries.

Contact: Jin Luo





Innovation Associates

Our motto at Innovation is "understand the problem."  Sounds pretty simplistic. . .and in actuality, it is. How better to address the myriad challenges pharmacies face today than to simply understand the root problems they experience on a daily basis?

We've now been at it for over for decades. . . first, as an engineering/technical services manufacturing company, and now as the premier provider of Pharmacy Intelligence and process optimization solutions.  Our mission as an industry leader is to help pharmacies optimize outcomes - patient, process, technology-related - and to make a difference in helping pharmacies enhance patient safety, increase operational efficiency, and set new benchmarks for quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Our relentless focus on quality has guided us through every stage of our growth as a company, and as we developed and continually honed our PharmASSIST technology and professional services.

Our customer-centric approach enables our dedicated team to assess your business goals, understand your distinct problems, and prudently match the right solution to help you fully realize your goals both today and into the future.

Contact: Joe Galati






Sonic Blocks

Sonic Blocks is a patent-pending Bluetooth and WiFi audio and video device that is distinguished from the competition via elements that allow for complete speaker customization and attachments. A user can customize their Sonic Blocks with modular add-on speaker(s) drivers such as a tweeter, midrange, woofer, sub-woofer, and radiators in a multitiude of different shapes and sizes, all with quick-connect interchangeable parts, each with a different frequency response.  Additional cubes can be added on the fly for use with additional speakers chosen to suit the taste of the user, or a user can separate from the Sonic Blocks stack, and place speakers around a room to create a surround sound system.  All components of the system can be swapped out, on the fly, or quick connected with other Sonic Block systems, building an ever-expanding wall of sound.  The system is controlled via a detachable touch screen control panel or via smart phone application.

Contact: Scott Wilker






Sonostics develops and markets "pacemakers" for the second heart, providing non-pharmacologic relief for the millions suffering from chronic functional disorders such as unexplained fatigue, swollen feet and ankles, muscle/joint pain, col hands/feet, dizziness, brain 'fog', varicose veins, and other symptoms associated with fluid pooling in the lower limbs.

Contact: Kenneth J McLeod, Ph.D, CEO





STORM Insights

STORM Insights, Inc. is a market intelligence firm, automating the discovery of global information technology buying trends.  We are developing and curating an open data repository of companies, products, and markets in emerging tech industries (beginning with mobile, analytics/big data, cloud, social, and cognitive and augmented reality), and will provide free access to this data to enable individuals to request unique on-demand market reports based on their own requirements and environment. 

Contact: Adrian Bowles















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