Ignite Binghamton University

Coming April 2019!

What is Ignite? Ignite is a forum for thinkers and innovators to share their stories, and do it quickly. Each presenter gets 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds, amounting to 5 minutes of succinct enlightenment.

Over 350 Ignite events have been held in cities all over the map. For the first time, Ignite will happen in upstate New York as part of Binghamton University's Research Days at 4 p.m. April 9 in the Union Undergrounds lounge. Graduate student and postdoctoral researchers from all fields are invited to tell the story of their research and why it matters. Everyone will be invited to attend and be part of the conversations that will ensue. Learn more about Ignite here.


Count me in!

Are you a graduate student or postdoc at Binghamton University with a story to tell about your research? Do you want to be involved behind the scenes in making this event a success? Email Robert Lawrence in the Division of Research at rlawrenc@binghamton.edu.